Our Founder & Friend: Jerome Bonnouvrier

As our software changed its name officially, this past week, from “WinModels” to “AgencyManager” we could not help reflecting on the life and history of WinModels’ founder: the late (1945-2009) Jerome Bonnouvrier.

WinModels was created by Jerome (developed with Pierre Charpy), beginning in 1997 in New York City, evolving since then with new features and technologies.  The first version of  WinModels (and sister product “Models” in France), was based on Jerome’s previous mainfraime-based (punch-card!) system and service in Paris, all built on, created from, and drawing on Jerome’s vast industry knowledge (including agency-specific accounting requirements), from the earliest days of modeling agencies in Paris, and New York…

Jerome was a founder, and driving force behind the modeling industry.  He was also a dear friend and colleague to many, is sorely missed, and will always be remembered. 

There is so much that could be said about Jerome Bonnouvrier, our founder and friend, but we found a tribute posted on www.Models.com, which sums it up beautifully, quoting his longtime friend Richard Hawley, whose words echo the sentiments of  all who knew Jerome, “He was the most generous person that I have ever met.  He had great passion for life…”

You can read the rest of the lovely quote and brief tribute on Models.com: http://models.com/oftheminute/?p=5832

So, dear Jerome, we will do our best to honor your life and legacy, in our work and lives, and think of you from time-to-time.

We thank you, and miss you.

 – Russ Murray & Pierre Charpy

The late Jerome Bonnouvrier...
The late Jerome Bonnouvrier – our Founder and Friend.

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