The Agency Manager Managers

You may ask yourself: who is behind AgencyMGR LLC? Who are the managers of Agency Manager?

Well, in the scheme of things, these questions will certainly NOT keep you awake at night, you may not really ask them, or even care about the answers…but if you have stumbled upon or have sought out this website, chances are that you are in fashion/apparel industry, and likely work in, or with, model, artist and/or talent agencies, right?  If so, you might be interested in who we are and what we do!  Or not.  But here is a little more background info anyway…

Our slogan is, “What You Represent, We Will Manage.”  Cryptic and mysterious?  Not our intent…but to deliver on the promise of that cryptic slogan, we provide booking systems, management & accounting software (local and hosted) and services (consulting & support) to model, artist, and talent agencies.  We’ve got everything an agency needs to run efficiently and profitably, assuming you have everything else covered (models, artists, talent, etc.).  🙂

We have long history, and deep expertise in the agency world.  We know booking, operations, and finance. We can help you book more, increase profits, lower your costs, and generally run better! You can read about who “we” are (our founder and two Managing Partners: Russ Murray & Pierre Charpy) on the “Our People” page of this site, and enjoy (or smirk at) the picture of Pierre & Russ below, taken recently near the Flatiron Building in NYC.

Pierre Charpy & Russ Murray, Managing Partners of AgencyMGR LLC
Pierre Charpy & Russ Murray, Managing Partners of AgencyMGR LLC (Agency Manager)

Email Russ for information and sales inquiries:

Email Pierre for support and technical inquiries:

See you at the agency!  🙂

 – AgencyMGR

Or, inquire about AgencyMGR using this form:

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