33 Minutes on 13th Street in NYC

33 Minutes on 13th St NYC - remagesThis post is of a video created by our own AgencyMGR partner Russ Murray, who shows his personal photographs and writings on remag.es and remages.com.

The video is about 33 Minutes on 13th Street in NYC – the footwear, leg-wear, and passersby – interesting to see what walks by!

Warning: the music used in the video is “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – the EXPLICIT LYRICS version…  🙂

“I sat there on the stoop, exhausted from moving one of my kids into a tiny NYC apartment, waiting for food to be delivered… I watched the people walk by, then observed their footwear, leg-wear, dogs-on-leashes, and walking style, with amusement and occasional amazement.  I clicked away on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic camera app, to capture some of it, for 33 minutes…  So I put all the still images into a 2:33 video clip with music and titles, just for fun – enjoy!  In each image, notice how the foot planted on the pavement is clear, but the feet and legs in motion are all blurred…”

– Russ Murray

Images: captured on iPhone 5 with Hipstamatic camera app, using the Watts and the gritty, monochrome AO BW film (Nike) combination.

Video: assembled, titled, and music added using the SPLICE video editing app on iPhone 5.

Music: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Thrift Shop” (explicit lyrics version)

Check out the video on YouTube:

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