Every Child is Exceptionally Beautiful, Right?

A friend of mine, partner in a small model agency in San Diego, would smirk and roll his eyes, every time I tried to show him pictures of my beautiful child.  It did not matter that I protested, saying, “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get you to represent him, but isn’t he exceptional?”  My friend would say, “Every child is exceptionally beautiful…when it’s your child!”  Of course, after that, he’d look at my latest pics, and smile without saying anything…

Basically, as an owner of an agency, he’d been approached by way too many parents – family, friends and strangers – crazed and eager to get their exceptionally beautiful child (or children)  into modeling!  Finally, jaded, he was forced to take a polite, defensive, non-committal (avoidance is easier than rejection) stance, to set proper expectations in the hearts and minds of rabid parents…

My friend the agency partner is not alone – it’s a model-industry-wide problem for owners, managers, bookers and anyone else associated with an agency – when any parent on the “peddle my progeny” path finds out you are connected to an agency, they can’t stop themselves from asking you to look at pictures of their exceptionally beautiful child!  And of course, after that, to immediately rush them down to the agency to sign them up…

Yes, every child is beautiful, and some are exceptional.  As they say, “many are called, few will be chosen”… Unfortunately, most won’t even be called, even if they are beautiful.  The tastes and preferences leading to selection of a child or young adult as a model with an agency vary wildly, and change constantly.  Therefore, there is no one type of “beauty”, or a single definition of “exceptional”, and there is no guarantee that your lovely child will be chosen.  And if they are chosen, the real hard work begins…

This post is just a small commentary from the sidelines of the modeling world.  What are your thoughts – ?

– Russ Murray (Partner, Agency Manager)

P.S. the picture in this post is of my son – isn’t he exceptional? 😉

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