Another Collaboration between France and America…

Like our dear, revered, iconic Lady Liberty, our Booking LINK (“BLINK”) from booking system to accounting, and the AgencyMGR management and accounting solution, are both collaborations between France and America!

Well, perhaps our products and services are not quite as grand as she (or the reasons why she was built), but our agency solutions are definitely fabulous, created, delivered, and supported by clever French and American people, who know the model and talent agency world extremely well…

Continuing with the tortured metaphors and parallels…also like Lady Liberty, and the agency business, our agency solutions were BORN in France (Paris), are MADE in New York, and Known Worldwide (global delivery & support).  Our software and services have grown and evolved, in parallel with the evolution and growth of model, artist and talent agencies globally, and in particular, embodies the close connection between Paris and New York City, from the earliest days of the agencies…

What exactly is our booking system solution, and what is the BLINK, you ask?  And what is AgencyManager? Well, they are fast-paced, world-class software solutions, which never sleep, like NYC, but are also fabulous, perfect (parfait), and speak with a French accent!  Made in New York City, where Lady Liberty watches over it all…  đź™‚

Want to run better, lower costs, and increase profits at your agency?

Contact us…

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