The Lions of March, April Taxing, May Flowers and a June Agency Reality Check!

Spring in NYC - AgencyMGR - AgencyManagerWow, all that in ONE blog post! Why, and what does it all mean?  Let me explain:

  • The month of March is proverbially described as “in like a lion, out like a lamb” meaning that when it begins (in some climates), it is still winter, and when it ends (in the northern hemisphere), spring has begun.
  • For those of you in New York — and many other fashion cities — we’ve seen the roaring lion of March hanging around well into April this year!
  • The Lions NY - Model AgencyMarch is also the month (in 2013) when we launched AgencyMGR at THE LIONS NY — a young, fast-growing, and now highly-successful agency in New York City, which recently acquired Oui Management in Paris to grow their business — a powerful March lion indeed!
  • April is personal tax month, after corporate filings are done, this year a little trampled on by the lion of March. April is the last month, and last step in the agency accounting, financial reporting, and tax filing season.
  • In April, we wrap up assisting clients with the taxing tasks of taxes for their models, talent and artists, and prepare for new implementations and special projects during the slow season of June–August.
  • So, if you need something for your agency this year — a new booking system, a BLINK (Booking LINK), a new accounting and/or management system, or some GLUE to hold it all together — tell us in the month of April!
  • May is known for its flowers, so in May, we take time to smell the roses, enjoying the blooms and blossoms around us. For most agencies it’s a busy month, the last month of the Winter-Spring booking/business season.
  • May is also when we begin planning projects with our new and existing clients — projects to be implemented in the slow season of June-into-August, or at year-end, to launch in the following calendar/fiscal year — to implement a new system, upgrades, or modifications to AgencyMGR.
  • So, if you want something this year, to run your agency better, lower costs, and increase profits, you MAY want to contact AgencyMGR in the month of May, so we can plan now, and work on the project before the Fall shows…
  • June begins busy, winding down at the end, as Summer begins. But June is also a great month to launch new projects for your agency, and to get a reality check!
  • We all need a reality check — or what we call the our REAL-IT Check — from time-to-time, because change is constant, people move, technology and business evolve.
  • The AgencyMGR REAL-IT Check is a free annual check-up, with a free diagnosis, and free advice — email us to schedule one for your agency in June, or whenever!
  • So when you start seeing the June bugs fly by, it’s time to evaluate and optimize your agency systems and workflow, launch new projects, and get real!

Let us know if you need anything this year! Looking forward to talking with you soon…


. . .

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