Agency G/L/U/E

How does Agency Solutions link your billing and accounting data (from our AgencyMGR or direct from booking), to your localized General Ledger (G/L), Tax & Financial system? We use our specially-designed General-Ledger-Update/Export or “GLUE” integration tool!

Whatever country-specific accounting system you have, our GLUE tool can most likely connect to it. We are continually evaluating accounting systems we can GLUE to as clients request them. Here’s a list of the accounting, reporting, analytic systems we have interfaced, connected, and “GLUE’D” to so far, plus a few we’re thinking about:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision)
  • QuickBooks Online (and on-premise)
  • Sage 100/200 (formerly MAS 90)
  • NetSuite (cloud-only, large agency)
  • INTACCT (cloud-only, large agency)
  • XERO (cloud-only, small agency)
  • Domo (analytics, reporting)
Agency Manager General Ledger Update/Export or "GLUE)"

Our G/L/U/E> connector tool comes in two versions:

  1. AgencyMGR > G/L – the GLUE connects our AgencyMGR agency accounting suite > to the general ledger system used by your agency (our most robust and functional integration). 
  2. Booking System > G/L — the GLUE sends invoices from your booking system > to QuickBooks Online, in a simplified configuration for smaller agencies.

Ask us how the Agency G/L/U/E> can help your agency’s billing and accounting run faster, and more accurately, so you get paid more quickly for each job!

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