Booking LINK (“BLINK”)

To optimize the business of our agency clients, we created our Booking LINK (“BLINK“) to connect their booking system to their agency accounting and management system. The BLINK was created to:

  1. Maximize Job Income = Capture 100% of booking revenue
  2. Minimize Errors, Risks & Loss = Fewer Mistakes & Penalties
  3. Minimize Time, Effort & Cost = Stop Manual Entries & Audit/Checking
  4. Synchronize Key Data = Automatic Updates of Jobs, Client Billing Info
  5. Maximize Profit = Capture All Charge-backs, Expenses, Taxes

Your agency accounting receives “ready-to-bill” or invoiced job from the booking system via the BLINKAgencyMGR is designed to do everything for your agency after that, including:

  • Accept job billing & financial data from the booking system
  • Process Jobs > Invoicing with agency data & dimensions
  • Manage Talent/Mother Agency Accounts & Adjustments
  • Payments, Expenses, Charge-backs, Taxes & Payables
  • Receivables, Collections, Reporting & Statements.

The BLINK to/from Booking is CRITICAL!

How do we transfer a “ready to bill” (or invoiced) job from the booking system into AgencyMGR and then update the booking system? The BLINK can be one-way or two-way as shown in this diagram:


For details about the BLINK to/from your booking system, click here to review our Booking Interface Required Data.

Depending on how your agency works, we’ll work with you to make the BLINK interface to AgencyMGR (or your other accounting system) work perfectly!

Want to run better, lower costs, and increase profits at your agency?

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