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The BIRD will explain…

Agency Manager BIRD = Booking Interface Required Data

Our Booking Interface Required Data or “BIRD” has a very specific diet, and it must be fed properly each time it flies between your booking system and your accounting system. AgencyMGR needs billing data and updates from bookings, jobs, contracts and usages in your agency’s booking system, and will send back updates (billing info, credit status, etc.) needed to keep data synchronized between the two systems.  It does not matter who feeds the BIRD; it will work with whatever booking system you are running!

Booking LINK = BLINK

To integrate your booking system to the accounting system, we created our integration tool, the Booking LINK “BLINK” for agencies. This diagram shows the BIRD data flow through the BLINK:

Agency Manager - Booking LINK = BLINK

BIRD + BLINK Basics:

  • Jobs, contracts, and usages move from the booking system via BLINK.
  • The BLINK pulls data into journals, which must be validated & posted.
  • The booking system provides access to the accounting department.
  • The booking system is updated with Invoices, changes & updates.

Simplified BIRD / Dataflow 

  • Clients billing info: Unique Key/ID = Customer Code/Name
  • Model info: legal, tax status, commission rate, mother agency, etc.
  • Mother Agency info: Unique Key/ID = Mother Agency Code/Name
  • Confirmed booking: Booking Header with Unique Key/ID
  • Booking Lines: as many items have to be billed
    • Each Booking Line/item has a category
    • Unique Key/ID = Line Code/ID per Line

Depending on your agency’s requirements, we’ll work with you to make the BLINK to AgencyMGR (or other account system) work perfectly for you.

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